For My Sensitive Souls

For My Sensitive Souls

I absorb it feelings, thoughts, emotions, dreams, fear 
its in you, it is me 
super sensitive 
indigo child
they don’t understand you 
you can’t help but feel them 
you the creative, crazy, lazy, foolish
dreamer one 
who they love to share their pains with 
“stop being so sensitive” 
the mantra of our lives 
indigo child
don’t shrink back 
paddle don’t drift in the sea of feeling
gifted stranger…

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We Just Joking

laughing, treating, cracking, busting, burning 
dirty dozens thats how they love here 
laughing through the pain 
hate swopping, absorbing, cathartic pain performing
thats how we cope here 
rehearsing,prepping, inoculating each other
for the abuse to come

“yo mama” jokes … a family sport 
a link in the chain of the armor of survival 
a hilarious verbal exhibition
tear down to build up
chemo type…

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The Brew

To spiced liquid death 

Fermented bliss

Smooth draft

Hard brown 

Clock ticks closer 

Every time you go down

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horny pansexual queer
shifting between masculine and feminine energies
with every other other every last orgasm
inner ultra femme masculine
unbound shameless curves to die for
personal horny gyrating human vibrator
manual ejaculator
porn consuming
constantly cumming
impulsive machine
sex is your lust
you lust with sex from the seams
the manifestation of deliciously nasty dreams
butch queen master

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Ghost in the system

Ghost in the system

I am a ghost in the system

I don’t exist

I’m invisible within a society

Designed for my destruction












Here in the margins

Along a spectrum is where I stand

I will create

I will laugh

I will overcome pain and fear to shine

Be seen for me

And me only

For the glory

Of all of those who have loved me just…

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Re: Remembering Good Bye to Ralph, Dancing Hello to a Brown Elephant

Re: Remembering Good Bye to Ralph, Dancing Hello to a Brown Elephant

What if we collaborated? What if I brought a salacious love of music, poetry, words, and ideas and you brought dance, words, and ideas and we create art? …not just for money not just for fame but just to be, to express, the lonely invisible constantly disrespected queer, the unspoken African within. whose voice pumps through our veins constantly compelling us to speak in a language we don’t quite…

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If I had a angry angst Afro centric queer punk band it would be called ego pussy. We would put te song the experience the chaos the ecstasy of being a queer African indigo activists in 2014 . We would lament love and curse Obama’s name to raging punk beats , Lull you to lust with gyrating salacious R&b lyrics , as we screamed revolution through acoustic and gospel like nirvana invoking meditative like vibes.

Bye Bye Unc

One of my oldest and most favorite Uncles has passed away and I can’t go home to be with my family. Its moments like this when being broke and so far from home really  hurts and frustrates me.  These are the moments that define a family and once again I…

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